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Let's Begin!

First, and foremost Thank you!

We at M.O.V (Man of Valor) clothing are excited to start a fashion and social community that will focus on classic, timeless, and handsome designs for men and boys. We believe M.O.V men are influential, strong, trend setters that through their actions and choices set examples for our boys that encourage them to strive for greatness at everything they do. We want to make sure you look good doing it, and the boys that are watching you can see you clearly. As a father of 4 (3 of which are boys) I fully understand how my actions influence my sons actions, and how my boys perceive themselves. They desire to be like me, an honor I know I am not alone in receiving.

We’re are hard at work to bring you a summer 21’ line that will set you apart and present one of a kind looks. Much like many others the pandemic has set our timeline back, so we ask for your patience with a promise you won’t be disappointed with our release. We look forward to earning your trust with our upcoming looks, and our social actions. We hope to build strong relationships with you and those you influence for years to come.

Let’s M.O.V forward together!

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